“True pianism is less speed and velocity, more the ability of the ear, and consequently, the hand, to separate one voice from the next and give each its own character and color.” – Leon Fleisher


Welcome to Emily Upham Piano Instruction

Offering classical piano instruction, Emily Upham Piano Instruction is for pianists of all ages and skill levels. Emily’s piano lessons are private, one-on-one sessions designed to fit your unique learning style and interests. Working with beginners, intermediate and advanced amateur pianists, Emily can teach the foundational elements of the piano or provide you intensive training to take your playing to the next level.An accomplished classical piano performer and piano teacher, Emily is devoted to the joys of music. She wants to share her impressive breadth of knowledge and experience, acquired through her invaluable education in Paris and New York as well as long career of playing the piano, with you. Whether you’re Nouveau to the piano or have been practicing for a lifetime, Emily will help you reach a higher plane of playing. Contact her today to schedule your classical piano lessons with Emily Upham.


About The instructor

Classically trained in Paris and in New York City at some of their best institutions, Emily Upham studied piano under some of the best teachers and musicians in the world. She teaches a diverse range of students, which includes pianists of all ages and skill levels. Lessons play out in the direction you want to take them because Emily customizes them based on your learning style and interests. Accepting new students of all ages and skill levels, Emily Upham provides private, one-one-one piano instruction to anyone with the simple desire to play the piano better.

She can teach students in English or in French. Having spent a good part of her life in Paris, Emily is a fluent French speaker. She has been a French interpreter for the U.S. Department of State.

Piano instructor, Emily W. Upham